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Lightbest concentrates in water purification treatment and supplies customers with one-stop service and solution on water treatment fields. We specialize in UV germicidal lamps, UV water sterilizers, electronic ballasts, booster pumps, ion exchange resin, FRP tanks, PP filter etc., and adhere on the principle to fight, uphold, share and win-win together.
We have been a supplier of water treatment with high-quality products, perfect service, professional operation and reasonable price both in China and the globe.
     Our products have successfully passed CE and Rohs certifications. Our products are best-sellers in foreign and domestic markets, and exported to many countries and regions such as America, Germany, Italy, Holland, Romania, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Chile and so on.
Applications of UV
By wavelength:
13.5 nm: Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography
30-200 nm: Photoionization, ultraviolet photoelectron spectroscopy
230-365 nm: UV-ID, label tracking, barcodes
230-400 nm: Optical sensors, various instrumentation
240-280 nm: Disinfection, decontamination of surfaces and water
(DNA absorption has a peak at 265 nm)
200-400 nm: Forensic analysis, drug detection
270-360 nm: Protein analysis, DNA sequencing, drug discovery
280-400 nm: Medical imaging of cells
300-320 nm: Light therapy in medicine
300-365 nm: Curing of polymers and printer inks
300-400 nm: Solid-state lighting
350-370 nm: Bug zappers (flies are most attracted to light at 365nm)
Lightbest germicidal lamps, which are made of high-quality doped quartz, emit the highest amount of UV radiation-90% of energy is at 253.7nm (commonly called 254nm of Ozone-free/L), which is very close to the germicidal peak output at 265nm. (See the graph)
Sterilization microorganisms effectively curve:
Ultraviolet photons harm the DNA molecules of living organisms in different ways. In one common damage event, adjacent thymine bases bond with each other, instead of across the "ladder". This "thymine dimer" makes a bulge, and the distorted DNA molecule does not function properly.

Why choose us?

Lightbest is a industrial and trading Company located in Changzhou Jiangsu province, along the Yangtze River Delta Region with convenient transportation.


Lightbest strict quality control process covers every step of production from the raw materials to the finished product, and execute strict warranty policy terms.


Offer OEM and ODM, Lightbest has independent R&D department,customized products including Logo/Lable to customers needs.


Lightbest has professional sales team that can provide support in English within 24 hours。


Lightbest attends several Foreign exhibitions every year, visits customers and keeps a good business relationships with customers.


All products are CE certified.

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